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Did you know that the average American consumes as much as 150 pounds

of sugar per year? Most of this is in the form of soda, candy and baked

goods. Sugar provides a pleasant sweetness to many foods and also aids

leavening in things like bread and pastries. However, sugar is one of the

unhealthiest things you can put into your body. This product, whether its

corn syrup, white sugar or brown sugar, has been heavily refined and

stripped of everything that’s good for you.

It does more than cause diabetes and weight gain. Emerging scientific

research is showing that it also contributes to cancer, mood disorders,

immune suppression and many other common ailments. Fortunately, you

can avoid this toxic substance while still enjoying a sweet flavor in your

foods and beverages.

Sweet Tooth

If you have a sweet tooth like I do, you have probably considered is there a “good” sugar option, or lesser of evils. Table sugar, artificial sweeteners or natural sweeteners…which is the best option? With sugar being held responsible for obesity and artificial sweeteners questionable in terms of health, are there any natural sweeteners that could be considered o k or even healthy?



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Honey is one of the oldest natural sweeteners in the world. Collected

from bees’ nest, this natural sugar substitute is both nutritious and

delicious. It contains a number of enzymes, proteins and beneficial bacteria

that aid digestion and keep blood glucose levels under control. However, it’s

important that you use only raw honey. While the stuff from the store looks

and tastes like honey, according to the food and drug Administration (FDA),

it isn’t considered real honey. All of the honeys you buy from the

department store come from China or other dubious locations. These

products have been found to be tainted with antibiotics and are pasteurized,

killing both the enzymes and beneficial bacteria. Furthermore, they have

been heavily filtered to remove their natural pollen content. According to

the FDA, honey that possesses no pollen cannot be considered real honey,

but these regulations are not enforced.


Stevia, an herb that is native to South America and western North America,

has been used as a sweetener for thousands of years. It’s 100 times

sweeter than sugar, which means that you only need small amounts of it to

achieve the same flavor. The herb is easily grown in any home garden.

Extracts of the active, constituents, called steviosides, are available, but

many people find them to possess a bitter aftertaste that is unpleasant

enough to make them unpalatable. However, the ground form of the whole

herb is much milder and serves as an excellent sweetener in tea, coffee and

other beverages. It can also be used to sweeten baked goods, but unlike

sugar, it doesn’t aid leavening, nor does it result in browning of breads or



Molasses is a by-product of sugar refining and contains all of the vitamins

and minerals that were originally in the raw sugar cane. Although, it is fairly

sweet, it has very little impact on blood glucose levels and can be used in

place of sugar for any purpose. Put it in your coffee for a nutritious

sweetness or add it to breads and pastries for a richer flavor. It will also

facilitate browning in baked goods made on your countertops. While there

are several types of molasses, unsulphured black strap molasses is the

healthiest variety. It’s rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium,

manganese, B vitamins and copper, which many people are deficient in.

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Doctors advise people to take a calorie controlled diet for a healthy life.

Taking a balanced diet is a first right step towards a healthy life. Some

positive changes in your eating habit can make you younger by a few years.

If you think that the doctor would want you to abstain from your favorite

recipes then you are wrong. For a disease free life, all you need to do is to

switch to natural sweeteners that have 95% fewer calories than normal

sugar. Natural sugar is the new diet pill in the market and you will be

delighted to know that it is available in ready to use powder and cube form.

Over consumption of sugar is the root cause of obesity, diabetes, tooth

decay and bad breath. Health conscious folks prefer to stay away from

sweet receipts because they want to avoid taking too much sugar. With

natural sweeteners, you can continue eating sweet dishes without any

apprehension. Natural sugar has no artificial flavor, aspartame or saccharin.

Also it is low on carbohydrates. The great thing about natural sugar is that

it tastes like regular sweetener. It is crafted for beverages, baking cakes and

cooking sweet dishes. With this sweetener, there is no apprehension of your

becoming obese or getting diabetes.

Natural sweeteners have a beautifully sweet and natural taste that

everyone will enjoy. This sugar can be used in beverages, recipes and even

direct. There is literally no harm in taking this sugar in any form. Since this

sugar is made from plant extracts and other elements found in nature, it

has no bitter aftertaste. This sugar is carefully crafted for making coffee,

cakes, pastries and other eatables. The good thing about this sugar is that

it has fewer calories and it also costs lower than the regular sugar.